Romulan Bird of prey

  • Hi everyone,

    Well having made some maps in the past, and one more recent .

    And the fact that in the old days i never was able to compile big maps wich i wanted on my pentium 2 350Mhz and almost 1024 mb ram.

    Now I can, and iam trying to make a romulan bird of prey ,

    The purpose for online shooter games on a big map with a few players is not fun, however an rpg it should do just fine.

    My problem iam a rpg-noob i never even played it but i like making maps. so i herewith present an overview of the curent status of my map

    perhaps I can recieve some feedback on what is or is not important on a rpg map ( and what are scripts )?

    Problems questions and sugjestions

    - are there any important rooms left out on the list below ?

    - I still have 4 rooms left to decorate.

    - I want one to be used as spy centre, and two as a holoroom for spy traing

    - in the 2 traing rooms it would be nice to recreate a part of a map a bridge or so or a part of it,

    who can help the tal shiar a with their intelligence operations, and reveal the secrets of the federation, or the Klingon Empire

    - scripting what does it do ?

    Current status of the map

    Layout and rooms created

    Textures, basics are created, still lots to do on detail and shader files

    Detailing and fine tunig light still need to be done

    Shaders some are done

    Scripts it sounds so complicated I need help here

    Sounds none so far

    Overview of the current map

    - ship with hallways and a few maintenance ducts

    - Bridge : Command chair, 2 seated workstations, a few stand alone work stations

    - Commander office: big table, 6 chairs, commander desk, 2 chairs, private kitchen

    - Meeting room bridge personal ; extra large table, 9 chairs, private kitchen

    - 2 commander quarters: big table, 6 chairs, 1 couch, big bath room, big sleeping area with 2 beds

    - 2 subcommander quarters: just a bit less then the commanders.

    - 8 standard quarters: its small and you have to share it.

    - 1 big kitchen and lunchroom: Lots of tables and chairs but dont you dare to sit at the offciers table.

    - 2 sickbays,2? yup Romulan Ale may cause hangovers, Also 1 can be upgraded to a personal information extraction unit ( romulan torture room ) if needed

    - 2 detention areas with command post and 3 cell's each
    - 2 storage area's

    - 2 rooms with old romulan prototype of the singulartiy engine drive

    - 2 accesible warp nacelles

    - 1 warp engine cooling room with warp drive coupling for optimal synchronisation of the double singularty engine

    - 1 shuttlebay with 2 protype shuttles, wich later leaded to the development of the first romulan warbird

    - 3 internal transporter rooms for fast internall troop relocations, the combined resolution of the transporters can stealth ransport a spy to every place the TAL SHIAR desires



    an unstable singularty warp engine core can lead to temporal anomalies and speeling errosr ;)

  • On the Room-List... wow, that is far more than is expected. Usually a good RP-Map - at least a Fed vessel - needs Bridge, some offices, Quarters, Sickbay and Engineering. Cargobays and shuttlebays are common but rather optional.

    As far as scripts are concerned you need your own installation of RPG-X2 for the associated Entities. They can be rather hard to work in and some parts the definitions are wrong so be prepared for some glitches. If you know what systems and features you'd like in your map you can contact either me or - in case he does not deny - Marc. We're both somewhat experienced in RP-Mapping and can help you with this tough I kinda focussed on entities. To give you a short heads up on what is currently possible:

    * Working turbolifts (seamless Transportation between certain parts of the map, including User Interface analog to the Tourmode)
    * Extensive Warp Core Management (manages Cores on/Off and Ejected-states and drops out of warp)
    * Alert-System featuring 4 Stages (red, yellow, blue, green)
    * Transporter System to different Locations on the map
    * External string files for locations, Turbolift and Usables
    * If-variables (booleans)

    I think that are the most important yet a lot of other Entities got enhanced (doors for instance can now be locked)

  • I am looking forward to the scripting part.

    for now I really need to start adding details.

    but if you like i made some screenshots from the current state of the map

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